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Affirmation of Lodge Principles

The ultimate objective of Freemasonry is to provide a climate where men may collectively strive toward Masonic Formation in the service of God. Masonic Formation can be described as that process of spiritual and intellectual growth that all Masons must undertake to smooth the rough ashlar in preparation for the house not made with hands. This goal is best accomplished in an environment where Freemasons are allowed to internalize the lessons of Freemasonry. An open lodge should allow the observant Mason to transport his mind from the profane to the mystical. 


In an effort to create such an atmosphere and as a member of Sophia Lodge, I hereby solemnly swear that I will conform to the following Lodge Principles:

  • I will dress in a manner appropriate for this lodge. If I am an officer of the lodge, I will wear a tuxedo, white gloves, jewel, and an appropriate apron. Otherwise, at a minimum, I will wear a dark suit and tie, white gloves, and an appropriate apron.

  • I agree that discussions of lodge business will be kept at a minimum at lodge meetings and I agree to the resolution of lodge business by means of a “Consent Agenda” as outlined in the lodge Bylaws.

  • I affirm the letter and the spirit of the traditional Masonic prohibition against discussion of partisan politics and sectarian religion at all lodge events.

  • I agree that the focus of the lodge degree will be on the candidate and I will adequately prepare myself for any part I take in the ritual. If I am not able to adequately prepare myself, I will remove myself from that part.

  • I will support the following lodge policies:

  • Each candidate for the degrees will be placed in a chamber of reflection prior to each degree.

  • In addition to returning a catechism, each candidate will be required to present a paper on the most recent degree before proceeding to the next.

  • A Harmony, or Festive Board, will be integral to the lodge experience, and will be held at meetings to be determined by the Master and Wardens.

  • Lodge meetings will be conducted with solemnity and decorum. There will be no talking during the degrees unless a brother has an assigned speaking part. The five senses of human nature will be involved in lodge meetings through human interaction, appropriate music, candles, and incense.

  • Lodge members will form a Chain of Union at the conclusion of each meeting. This will be incorporated into the ritual as part of the Closing Charge.

WB Kevin Combs

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