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Sophia Lodge #767 is saddened by the loss of our dearly departed brethren. Be they exalted or be they ordinary folk, we lift up their lives for the World to see how our Supreme Architect would have all of us live and serve.


Most glorious God!

Author of all good, and giver of all mercy!

Pour down thy blessings upon us, and strengthen our solemn engagements with ties of sincere affection!

May the present instance of mortality remind us of our approaching fate, and draw our attention towards thee, the only refuge in time of need! 

That, when the awful moment shall arrive, that we are about to quit this transitory scene, the enlivening prospect of thy mercy may dispel the gloom of death;

And after our departure hence in peace, and in thy favor, may we be received into thy everlasting kingdom, to enjoy, in unison with the souls of our departed friends, the just reward of a pious and virtuous life. Amen.

- from the North Carolina Lodge Manual

"Well done good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."

W.B. Timothy Wayne Berly

July 15, 1956 - March 11, 2017


Brother Brandon Lail

March 28, 1982 - August 21, 2021

Mark Vickers.jpg

Reverend Brother Mark Vickers

August 21, 1961 - March 24, 2022

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