The ultimate objective of Freemasonry is to provide a climate where men may collectively strive toward Masonic Formation in the service of God. 


401 North Fulton Street 
Salisbury, NC 28144



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2020 Elected and Appointed Officers
The History of Sophia Lodge
Statement of Principles
W.B. Ben Wallace

On behalf of the Officers and Members of Sophia Lodge #767…Welcome!


As an Observant Lodge our approach to the Craft is different than many modern day lodges. We have created a culture that harkens back to the days of old.

Sophia Lodge practices reverence and decorum in all aspects of our workings.

We believe that the allegorical and symbolic lessons contained in the ritual holds deep spiritual truths.

Our love for each other creates an egregore that binds our members tightly together.

We hope you choose to visit our lodge and experience for yourself this unique style of Freemasonry. Everyone is met on the level, and all are welcome.




Ben Wallace, Master

Welcome to Sophia Lodge #767 A.F. & A.M.