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Welcome to Sophia Lodge #767 A.F. & A.M.

2024 Elected and Appointed Officers
The History of Sophia Lodge
Statement of Principles
MWB Shaun Bradshaw

On behalf of the Officers and Members of Sophia Lodge #767…Welcome!

Sophia Lodge practices what is referred to as “Observant Masonry”.  By this, it is meant that we practice every aspect our ritual with reverence.  

We believe that Masonry offers every man that knocks at the door of the lodge an opportunity to look within himself, examine his current state of being, and by learning the lessons of our Craft transform into a better version of himself.  

One of the most important ideas that Masonry promotes is Brotherly Love.  If we do anything right at Sophia Lodge, it is brotherly love.  This creates an environment during our lodge meetings that cannot be described, only experienced.

We love to see visitors at each meeting, and we hope you will be able to visit us and experience our unique style of Freemasonry.

P. Shaun Bradshaw

Master Sophia Lodge

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